Candidates should concentrate on the issues and concerns of their wards

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Letter: Council Candidates Must Focus The On Issues In Their Wards

Gordon-Bridger-470-croppedFrom Alderman Gordon Bridger

emails letterAs the election date approaches, I wonder if I could suggest that all candidates standing for election should concentrate on the issues and concerns of the ward they are hoping to represent rather than on national issues under whose banner they all too frequently appear?

Unfortunately, local elections are all too often regarded as a national Gallup poll and candidates are elected on a national basis rather than on how best they can promote the interests of their ward.

I have known some really good candidates lose out because of national party affiliations.

I would like to suggest to all candidates that they concentrate on producing statements on the following three issues:

1. What they regard as the main plans problems of their ward and what they would do to resolve them?

2. If elected how would they keep in touch with their electors?

3. What community organisations they relate to in their wards?

Those best able to answer these questions should be the preferred choice.


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