Come and See the Problems in Ash and Tongham

Dragon_blk_cropped_400x400Guildford Dragon Letter: Roger Smolski responds to Jules Cranwell

In his letter The Local Plan – A Time to Reflect Mr Cranwell says: “Given that 50 per cent, being the four most influential executive councillors, are from Ash and Tongham, the public can be forgiven for suspecting undue influence has been brought to bear, on this aspect alone”.

I think he seriously underestimates the intelligence of the public.

In the past 18 months planning applications have been approved or are about to be approved for over 900 new residential homes in Ash and Tongham.

No one in their right mind would suspect “undue influence” unless of course it was in the exact opposite direction of that which is being suggested.

Jules Cranwell should come down from his soap box and meet with me and some of the public in Ash and Tongham. He will see why the problems of his area pale into insignificance compared with those of Ash and Tongham residents.

Roger Smolski is the secretary of Ash Residents Association