Councillor: “We must do more to protect Mole Valley from winter floods”

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Posted: October 22, 2014


CONCERNS: Councillor Stephen Cooksey

SURREY County Council has been pressed for more funding and action to prevent the levels of flooding that devastated Mole Valley last winter.

Councillor Stephen Cooksey, member for Dorking South and the Holmwoods, said the council “could do so much more” to prevent flooding in Surrey when heavy rain occurs.

He told the Advertiser: “Action to prevent flooding from recurring at the 1,105 ‘wetspots’ identified by the county council has been too slow.

“It has been revealed in response to questioning by me, that of 1,105 wetspots in Surrey only 68 will be resolved by implementing flood prevention schemes by the end of March next year.

“This is just not good enough and Surrey residents deserve better.”

Cllr Cooksey said that there were many blocked gullies across Mole Valley that needed to be unblocked by the county council before heavy rain falls in the autumn and winter.

But he criticised the council’s most recent proposals which would reduce the overall number of gullies cleaned each year and also reduce the frequency of cleaning of half of the county’s gullies to once every two years.

“This decision will worsen an already bad situation,” he added. “I am urging the county council to act more speedily to tackle wetspots and to increase the frequency of gully cleaning as a high priority.

“A failure to act will only result in safety hazards on Surrey’s roads where vehicles try to avoid standing water, where there is ice on the road as a result of cold weather or where there is damage to the road surface.

“This is not beneficial or cost effective in terms of safety or the high costs of repairing Surrey’s roads.”




And will this improve Lower Road and the Howard of Effingham flooding areas