Good practice guidelines for home builders in Rushmoor

Report from

eagle radio

7:00am 28th October 2014

Good practice guidelines for developers in Rushmoor have been approved by the Council’s cabinet.




The Rushmoor Good Homes Charter sets out what is expected of developers and their responsibilities towards residents.

It encourages developers to ensure that properties are well maintained and that residents receive a fair deal.

The charter lists nine examples of good practice expected of companies building medium and large size developments, and three new planning requirements.

These include:

 To ensure impartial advice, developers should make clear that buyers have a free choice of both conveyancing solicitors and independent local solicitors.

  • All residents should be provided with a free copy of the lease, service charges and details of the Resident Management Company (RMC).
  • Workshops should be held for new residents to help familiarise them with the site.
  • Managing agents should always be selected competitively with resident involvement, and local managing agents should be given a fair opportunity to tender.
  • There should be a clear parking policy on unallocated parking spaces, including disabled and visitor parking.

Although the Rushmoor Good Homes Charter is not legally enforceable, all developers who do adopt it will be listed on the Rushmoor Borough Council website.

A period of public consultation will now take place before the charter is put before the full council for approval.

Councillor Roland Dibbs, Rushmoor Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Service Delivery, said:

“Our view is that residents moving into new developments should get a fair deal,  feel they are listened to and take part in the management of their homes.”

“The Rushmoor Good Homes Charter provides developers with some straightforward examples of good practice to follow and we commend all those who adopt it.”