Have Your Say On How Much Borough Should Charge Developers


Guildford Borough Council is asking for feedback on its proposals for setting out how much developers will contribute towards the cost of infrastructure in the borough

GBC LogoThe Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new tariff system that allows councils to fund, provide, replace or maintain infrastructure with funds raised from new developments.

The rates are based on a balance between development viability and infrastructure needs, as required by government regulations. The amount paid by developers is set by each council, and relates to the size and type of new development.

The money raised will be used to help pay for the infrastructure needed to support development, for example: transport, schools, health facilities and parks across the borough.

The CIL is a non-negotiable charge on development and is calculated per square metre based on the level of development proposed. In most cases it will replace the existing arrangement of negotiating planning obligations between councils and developers. Site-specific infrastructure and affordable housing will continue to be secured by planning obligations.

The consultation runs until March 1, 2015. To respond to the consultation, go to https://getinvolved.guildford.gov.uk/ or www.guildford.gov.uk/cil.