Make your voice heard…

Thanks to East Horsley Action Group here is a useful aide memoire


You can respond to GBC about the Draft Local Plan in several ways:
 On-line: Click on the appropriate document link:

Draft Local Plan: strategy and sites 2014 Draft Guildford Town Centre Vision 2014

 By e-mail: 
 By letter: Local Plan Consultation, Planning Policy, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB
 In Person:  25 Swan Lane, Guildford, GU1 4EQ (off the High Street by Boots), Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm
 By phone:  01483 444471
 By Questionnaire:  These are available at Swan Lane, or on-line (see above).
Please note that we have heard reports that the on-line system can misbehave and lose your work if you compose a long answer on-line.  You would be better advised to compose such comments in a word processor and just copy and paste it into the online system when it is complete.

For any sort of response, please note the following: ·         

However valid it might be, and however well-expressed it is, a response couched in purely emotional terms will carry far less weight than a well-argued letter covering the topics that are important to you.  This website gives you the factual background to the points that we consider to be most important; please feel free to use it to save you the time required to trawl through all the documents yourself. ·         


Please express your points in your own words; letters that are copies of others, or which have large chunks of cut and pasted text from other documents are unlikely to make the same impact.

·         Be aware that submissions in last autumn’s consultation will not be carried forward to the present consultation

If it was worth writing last autumn, it is worth writing again.

·         Our Parish Council will be sending in a response, but however good it is, it will be just one response.  Numbers count, so many individual letters will be far more persuasive.  In particular, a large postbag on a specific topic will improve the chances of the Planning Inspector including that topic amongst those on which he wants to hear the views of residents when he investigates the Plan.  If you are writing a letter and submitting it by e‑mail (so that postage charges are not an issue), please consider writing about each point in a separate letter.  Each separate point is then much more likely to be logged properly in the statistics that GBC will be accumulating.

·         You are not restricted to comments about local matters alone (eg. individual sites, local traffic etc); you are equally entitled to express your views about topics such as the proposed developments at Wisley Airfield and the University, or about the number of new houses proposed for the borough as a whole.

·         If you have already written in response to the current draft Local Plan, you can write in again making more detailed comments if you wish. These will count.