Prospective parliamentary candidate makes views clear on Wisley


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Paul Kennedy

Here is my response to the Wisley Airfield/Three Farm Meadows application (originally dated 18 March) – I’m delighted that the Guildford Lib Dem manifesto confirms that Lib Dem councillors will be unwhipped on planning matters so Liz, Colin and others can continue to stand up for their villages and the Green Belt without having to agree their line with anybody – we will serve local residents not party bosses:

“I am writing to express my total opposition to this proposal. I have spoken to hundreds of local residents who are very concerned indeed about its disproportionate impact on the Green Belt and particularly on traffic in our area. Its effects are likely to be felt as far away as my home in Bookham and beyond. The application has generated numerous objections including many compelling critiques comprehensively contradicting the claims in the application. I would also ask you to take into account the many hundreds of objections to this development in the consultation on Guildford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan last year. There is a case for some extra housing in Guildford and the surrounding villages proportionate to the existing settlements, focusing on brownfield sites. However, even if one were to accept the application at face value, there can be no justification whatsoever for 2,100 extra houses in the middle of the Green Belt, implying 5,000 extra residents and 5,000 extra cars in an area of just 1,000 homes, which is already without adequate infrastructure, roads or schools. I strongly urge you to recommend complete rejection of the application.”