Vocal minority “hijack” Oxted School academy debate, claims school leader


Western Morning News Oxted School academy debate “hijacked”, claims Rhona Barnfield




A vocal minority has “hijacked” the debate over Oxted School’s academy plans, a school leader claimed today.

Tonight’s meeting with parents to discuss the governors’ proposals has been cancelled because of fears of disruption.

Rhona Barnfield, the school’s executive head, told the Mirror: “We are disappointed that a vocal minority has attempted to hijack things, preventing current and prospective parents from engaging in the consultation process.

“A significant minority at a 300-strong public meeting last Tuesday shouted down some governors and teachers, and intimidated others from taking part in the debate.

“So much misinformation has been bandied about on social media.”

She said information was being circulated via students.

And the school is considering extends ing the February 4 deadline for the consultation period on the proposals.

The plans can be viewed at www.oxtedschool.co.uk