Voting trends: Guildford constituency down 6.7%,


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The following extract comes from an article by James Chapple

Election 2015: How do I register to vote and what is the deadline?



There are currently 42,359,366 people of voting age, 37,831,553 of whom are electors (89.3%).

In Surrey, 10 of the county’s 11 parliamentary constituencies have seen a decline in electors during the same period, the exception being Esher & Walton, which incidentally only saw a 0.1% increase.

Guildford constituency is down most dramatically, at 6.7%, from 77,950 to 72,714 – and with a total eligible population of 86,818, the constituency also boasts the lowest voting percentage in the county of just 83.8%.

Runnymede & Weybridge experienced a 5.3% drop from 75,344 to 71,388, while Spelthorne was down 2.8% from 72,660 to 70,607.

Meanwhile, Aldershot constituency recorded a 1.9% decrease in eligible voters, down from 72,640 to 71,292 on a population of 81,853 (87.1%).

North East Hampshire, by comparison, was down just 0.2% from 73,543 to 73,362 on a population of 75,654 (97.0%).

Broadly speaking, therefore, it appears there is a continuing trend towards there being fewer people signed up to vote.

However, the true reflection comes in the eventual turnout – that is, the actual number of people who did actively use their vote, which during the 2010 general election was 65.1%, up from 61.4% for the 2005 election.


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