West Surrey needs 30,000 new homes by 2031, report says


More than 30,000 homes need to be built by 2031 in west Surrey to keep up with the county’s growing population, according to a new report

Guildford town clockThe report estimates the population in west Surrey will grow by 51,200

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The Strategic Market Housing Assessment estimates between 1,522 and 2,053 properties need to be constructed each year in Guildford, Woking and Waverley.

It predicts the population in west Surrey will rise by 51,200 to 409,000.

The three councils that commissioned the report said it was helpful but the housing figures were not realistic.

Waverley Borough Council said it identified a housing need based on demographic trends but was only a “fraction of the picture”

Councillor Robert Knowles said there was nothing in the document about “how or where that need could be met”.

“During our consultation last September, we tested a figure of 470 homes per year, residents raised many issues about infrastructure, roads, flood defences, power supplies, water and facilities such as schools and health services,” he added.

“We simply can’t plan for a number of homes that would be unsustainable for our towns and villages and must take into account infrastructure such as traffic, public transport, water and sewage as identified by our residents.”