Why Was Cllr McShee Removed – Are We in a Dictatorship?

Guildford Dragon Letter:

Sandra Morgan 2 480

From Sandra Morgan

Worplesdon is very much under threat with the Local Plan so I was very surprised to learn that Cllr Bob McShee [Con, Worplesdon] had been removed from the Local Committee. Bob is a very hard working councillor and having lived here for 57 years I can vouch for the effort he puts in to serve Worplesdon.


This now leaves Worplesdon, Normandy and Pirbright, a large section of the borough, with no borough councillor on this committee while Ash has two. So I decided to ask as a member of the public at the last Local Committee meeting why Bob McShee had been removed since he had indicated he wished to continue and there had been no other changes.

The chairman gave a standard reply and passed the question to Stephen Mansbridge, Ash South and Tongham and the leader of the council. He replied that it was his right to do this and that was an end of the matter! So I ask again why was Bob McShee removed, are we in a democracy or a dictatorship?