Wood Street Residents Association worrying update on housing numbers for Local Plan

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On 27th February, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released a really significant update the national population projections, it was the first set based on the 2012 census. This revised Guildford population numbers down by about one third i.e. a very significant amount.   Also last week, National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidance updated, of the use of ONS population numbers, and provided some very limited guidance how the ONS populations numbers are to be used.

The latest population projections were supported by Ministerial statement, and come some weeks after a borough council local plan case where two sets of numbers were provided one twice the other!!!    The combination of these two new factors should be helpful to us all to understand and hopefully reduce significantly number of houses required per year =- currently testing for up-to 816!!   Data may take a few weeks, probably until AFTER the electi

HOWEVER already the first informal response from Guildford Borough Council officers has not been encouraging.  This remains a very serious issue to everybody in Guildford. And elsewhere in the Borough – Ed