A new home for The Howard‏ – Comment


Recently this website reproduced a leaflet circulated by the Howard of Effingham and Berkeley Homes partnership for the development of 295 new homes and a new school on Green Belt outside the Settlement Area.

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Chairman of Hands Off the Green Belt Roland McKinney comments on this recent Howard of Effingham/ Berkeley Homes leaflet


“The Howard Partnership Trust have been sending out an email asking people to complete their on-line survey to support their planning application.  The questions are heavily loaded in favour of the application, but people who are against this application should not be put off answering it.  If results remain as skewed as they are at the moment  it may be used to give a misleading view of local support for the application, for example, when the council consider the planning application, or later, should the application go to the Planning Inspectorate.    Note that  when answering questions if you feel there is no appropriate choice of answer these can be left blank – but there is a comments section where views can be fully expressed.”

Comments still accepted at Guildford Borough Council until the Planning Committee consider application in March – click here

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