A patient’s journey in the Royal Surrey Hospital is being made simpler and quicker

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Smartcards to speed things up at the Royal Surrey Hospital

Royal Surrey Hospital

The hospital has introduced new ‘smartcards’ to speed up the process for patients.

The cards have been introduced into the pharmacy at the hospital in Guildford.

Previously if patients came in without an appointment, a member of staff would have to contact the GP to find out what medication the patient has previously been taking – which could take a lot of time.

The staff-led initiative means that patients’ records can now be accessed within minutes.

Lead Technician Medicines Management Anita Counter said: “The introduction of the smartcards in the Trust helps us to ensure medication is reconciled, prescribed and ordered in a more timely manner giving patients the best possible care.”

Chief executive Peter Dunt said: “This is a fantastic example of how our extremely dedicated staff are always looking for ways to improve the patient care and experience we offer.

“A great team effort, involving staff from pharmacy, IT, and Human Resource, has made this possible.”

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