‘Affordable Homes’ At Wisley ‘New Town’ Would Cost First-Time Buyers £250,000

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The Wisley Action Group (WAG) has claimed that the minimum price of ‘affordable homes’ within the proposed ‘new town’ at Wisley would be “an incredible” quarter million

WAG understand that this would represent a 20% government subsidy on a market price of just over £300,000.

Aerial view of the site as shown on the developer's website wisleyairfield.com

Aerial view of the site as shown on the developer’s website wisleyairfield.com.

WAG understands that Michael Murray, acting for Wisley Property Investments Ltd (WPIL), has told Ockham Parish Council that some 40% of the 2,000-plus residences planned on green belt land at Three Farms Meadows, the former Wisley airfield, will be in the £250,000 bracket.

WAG reports that Mr Murray told an informal meeting recently: “We have looked at starter homes. We think that the 20% discount from open market won’t get to the cap for outside London. The cap for outside London is a quarter of a million pounds so we think that is fine for the one- or two-bedroom need. That is very clearly where Guildford’s needs sit.”


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