Affordable housing highlighted as a key priority for new Guildford council leader

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Conservative Paul Spooner elected Guildford Borough Council leader

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Cllr Spooner was elected at a meeting on Tuesday evening, December 9

Helping local people onto the property ladder is a key priority for the new leader of Guildford Borough Council.

He tells Eagle he wants to ensure people who grow up in the borough can afford to stay: “I am local, I was born in Guildford and so I care.

“I have 20 and 21-year-old sons and are now going through the process of completing their education and want to live somewhere.

“Unless parents are able to significantly support youngsters, it is nigh on impossible.”

Other priorities include changes to infrastructure and making the council as transparent as possible.

Councillor Spooner says he wants the public to feel more involved in council decisions: “As long as people understand why something has happened, that is key to our process.

“You ask me why I sit here as Council Leader; it’s because I think I can make a difference.

“That is in terms of progressing the borough but at the same time, people understanding the reasons why we are doing what we are doing.”

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Councillor Spooner has more than 20 years commercial experience and has worked abroad as well as in the UK.

He balances his family, working and council life with his interest in football and education.

He is Chairman of the North East Hants Youth League and a past governor at Waverley Abbey C of E Junior School and Ash Manor School.

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