An exciting new Effingham author goes online

Local Councillor turns her skill with words to writing her first novel

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Paula C Moss – Hard working Parish Councillor, mother of two great kids, wife of one great husband, and an aspiring novelist.

After a successful business career spanning more years than she cares to remember Paula has recently taken some time out to write the novel she feels has always been burning within her.

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The Widow’s Tale is the result of her musings and is now available on Amazon and flying up the bestseller rankings.  Well almost – because there are a lot of books on Amazon – over a million in fact, so reaching as high as #1876 on 2nd June was a real achievement. The reviews are beginning to come in now too and so far are looking good.

What should you expect if you dip your toe in the Amazon and support this would be author?

The Widow’s Tale is first a foremost an Historical Romance.   Charlotte Hart is the 17 year old war widow bouncing back from the frustration of an arranged marriage to reclaim her lands and live ‘by her own command.’  Nate Weatherall is the sexy Rebel cavalry officer determined to make her live by his side.  Will they find love, or will they kill each other trying?

“It’s not the kind of book intended to change the world,” says Paula, “More to brighten an afternoon or an evening, bar of chocolate in one hand, book in the other and a glass of Sauvignon on standby – is how I’d describe it.”

You can find out more on Amazon or at Paula’s website at:

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