Another article about the Berkeley Homes Howard Planning Application


The latest Surrey Advertiser’s article on the plans to build a new school in Effingham funded by ‘enabling’ development of 295  new homes on Green Belt

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The plans are due to go before Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee on Wednesday evening 09/03/2016 starting at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber at Millmead House. According to StreetLife thread on this subject anyone wishing to attend should expect supporters to arrive at least an hour before.

Editor’s Comment:

Since reporting on this matter, that has exposed some deeply divided opinions, in the last 24 hours this website has been attacked by 144 spammers perhaps in an attempt to prevent any further comments or articles.

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  1. Well, let’s compare Helen Pennington’s impassioned claims to what the Local Planning Authority’s official report into the Howard’s proposal says on the question of the Howard being in a dilapidated state:

    (1) “The Government programme for dealing with such matters (Priority Schools Building Programme) is an ongoing programme addressing the needs of schools in the poorest condition. The Council’s consultant sets out that the applicant has not demonstrated where the Howard of Effingham is on this programme or indeed whether it is on the program at all.”

    (2) “the Council’s education consultant considers that the needs assessment does not prove the level of additional spaces claimed and states that ‘the case for enlargement needs to be set out backed up by unambiguous data’.

    (3) “The applicant has not demonstrated that the condition of the school is significantly worse than other secondary schools in the area or that its condition is so poor that its replacement is urgently required. In fact, the applicant’s educational need statement concedes that the Howard’s issues are predominantly related to undersized and impoverished building stock resulting in poor suitability issues rather than condition. In addition, the applicant has not put forward any information which would suggest that the replacement of the school is high on any local, regional or national agenda for school replacement.

    The replacement of the school would be welcomed by staff and pupils of the Howard of Effingham and it is noted that in some areas the current facilities do not meet modern needs. However, this argument is significantly different to saying that the school urgently and overwhelmingly needs to be replaced to continue its function as a provider of secondary
    level education. No such confirmation has been provided by any local or national body with responsibility for such issues. ”

    When the dust has settled on this ugly affair, the one unequivocal thing to come out of it will be that the Howard has lost the respect of the village, through its determination to put propaganda before facts, and personal gain ahead of its residents. Though given their actions to date, one wonders whether the Howard will care a jot.

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