Another update from Woodstreet Village on the Housing numbers

Wood Street

Effingham, Ockham, RIpley or Woodstreet Village – this housing number affects all of us in Guildford Borough

Hi Everybody

Sorry (and a big thank you) to all those who have already signed this online petition. I have checked today as we are up to an excellent 370 signatures…

But we really need your help from those who haven’t logged on and expressed their views yet/ We only need another 130 people to log in and sign it.  So for those who have not signed, or people in your house who have not signed please please please can you sign up as soon as possible.  Also please make sure your neighbours are aware of it and ask them to sign too.

The draft plan will be driven by the figure that defines the housing need. This is set at 693 house per year and was calculated by G L Hearn and GBC are refusing to show how this figure was derived.  The previous figure used in Guildford local planning was 322 and the council admitted that this was sufficient in 2010, yet now they are unwilling to show the workings behind this new higher figure.  Please take a few minutes to support this on line petition.

Many Thanks



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