Another warning this time about mattresses


Mattresses Scam

Felicity M in Hawk’s Hill

I know there was a message last week advising people to be aware of people knocking on doors selling mattresses. I just wanted to advise others that we’ve just had someone doing just this in Gilmais .All rather suspect

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William J

Hi Felicity. It seems they’re targeting the Leatherhead / Fetcham / Bookham areas regularly and have done so for at least 2 weeks (as far as other residents have reported).

The sad part is, most people will not know they have been scammed, since not many people will open up a ‘new’ mattress they have just purchased.

I think it’s crucial to track them down and alert Surrey Police (as there is now a crime recorded against them).

It would also be great to co-ordinate our efforts on here to alert the Police of their current location, so they can go and investigate.

If anyone is able to take a photo of them in the act (without putting themselves in danger, of course), then we will have more evidence.

Fellow-residents have been superb in passing on details so far.

Let’s stamp up this kind of behaviour and say ‘not on our patch!’.

Felicity M

Thanks for your comment William. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for these rogues  & make sure my friends & neighbours are warned of the scam.

William J

Surrey Police have just said this on their Facebook page: ‘it would have been nice to have one of the real van’.

Let’s see if we can give them a photo and location and time? (But please do not put yourself at risk).

Deanna S

Thank you for warning us. As they have been targeting Leatherhead, they may come our way next week, especially if they know that the police are on to them.


suggest people ‘share’ on Facebook etc

William J

Any more sightings of the BEDDY BUYS van, anyone?

Sam V

I heard the van reg has been reported and there’s a ‘Police Warning’ mention of the scam in the Lhead Adv.

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  1. We have bought a mattress from beddy buys van in guildford 10 days ago. After reading since about mattress scams we opened it up but all brand new and no old mattress underneath. So what is the scam. We bought a kingsize for 250 after knocking him down 100 pds. Supposed to be a balmoral mattress but has a removable sticker so who knows.has a sewn on fire label conforming toBs7177:2008 saying low hazard. When i contacted surrey polive they said they werent aware of any scams which contradicts what you said. So is mattress safe to use or not?

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