Author Alex Scarrow speaks to Effingham pupils

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BESTSELLER: Alex Scarrow visited pupils at the Howard of Effingham School

By Dorking Advertiser  |  Posted: November 02, 2014

BESTSELLER:  Alex Scarrow visited pupils at the Howard of Effingham School

A BESTSELLING author paid a visit to Howard of Effingham School to coincide with Guildford Book Week.

Alex Scarrow, writer of the popular Time Rider series, spoke to Year 8 students about his journey from working for various computer gaming companies to becoming a teen-fiction author.

Cathi Woods, manager of the school’s learning resource centre, said: “Alex showed students footage of what the concepts of his stories were about, timelines being tinkered with and a team of specialist teens being sent to fix anomalies in time.

“He questioned the Year 8s asking ‘What if someone had a quiet word with Hitler in his bunker at a specific time and given him an alternative strategy?’

“Would we have a different outcome of the Second World War, would the Nazi Party rule the whole of Europe by now?’

“He then read an excerpt of the first book in the series to a captivated audience and not a sound could be heard except for Alex’s voice.”

At a Q&A session with pupils afterwards, Mr Scarrow was asked about his inspirations and his views on the Doctor Who television series, which he said he was a fan of.

Speaking after the event on October 14, Mrs Woods added: “A lot of buzz was created by Alex coming to The Howard and visiting the Year 8s and one of the parents even commented that her son went home and told her all about it, when usually he doesn’t talk about his day at school.”

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