Balanced views emerge from StreetLife


The “against” side are focussing on logical, reasoned planning matters, fact based arguments, whereas, the “for” camp are focussing on no relevant planning matters, emotional desires, beliefs or worries

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All in all, having read the points on both sides, it is clear that the “against” side are focussing on logical, reasoned planning matters, fact based arguments, whereas, the “for” camp are focussing on none relevant planning matters, emotional desires, beliefs or worries.

It is the former which the quasi-judicial body, which is the GBC planning committee, MUST base their decision on. The latter strategy MUST be ignored. Like it or not, that is the basis upon which the decision needs and must be made – however, my gut feel is that GBC won’t.

IF the HoE/BH can’t make that factual, logical, reasoned case based upon laws, policies and evidence then it shines a very poor light on the HoE as school which prides itself on having a strong science focus and heritage.

In my opinion, the case is not there to be suitable for “peer review” or publication in an academic publication if one follows the analogy. That is not to say the theoretical thesis is wrong, just not supported and certainly another impartial body would not come to the same conclusion based upon the rules, the law and the facts.

Why is Surrey County Council only talking about”Guildford Borough” in terms of schooling need? Doesn’t the HoE cater for Mole Valley as well?….

There the intake of children is declining in comparison to the birth rate as kids are going to the Howard and not their own local Schools – their capacity is in Excess of demand.   just because the planning application is being heard by GBC, I don’t see why it is GBC “problem” needs to be solved by HoE when its reach is much greater.

The demand for school places is nearer Guildford and not in this unsustainable area.

Re the HoE being the biggest school debate, I think one should look at the proposal as a development not as a school which is what the application is about. There is a proposal for an autistic centre – does GA have this? St Lawrence will be moving onto the same site AND that school WILL DOUBLE IN SIZE (plus more houses on the existing St Lawrence site – therefore, as an educational site, this will be the biggest in Surrey. This is a small rural community – not capable reasonably accommodating such a development when one balances the harm and impact to the area as a whole.

With Schools being planned in Woking, expansion in Cobham, XS capacity in the immediate mole valley area, a proposed secondary school at Wisley and a new school proposed on the mixed use development proposed near/on the park and ride golf course at Merrow it seems to me that this area of surrey is going to be in XS in terms of supply. That is unless the council intends to go ahead with c10,000 houses on the Green belt.

Is there a reason why there is a sudden rush to have this application heard? Is it because the HoE won’t be included as school location in the next draft local plan? I understand there are going to be two schools proposed “not necessarily the two (Howard and Clandon) included in the last iteration of the Guildford draft local plan.

2 thoughts on “Balanced views emerge from StreetLife”

  1. I am glad to at last read some sensible comments on street life. All in all it has been entertaining! Let’s hope sense prevails on Wednesday!

  2. Unfortunately Rhona’s Ra-Ra Troops are anything but balanced, sensible and open-minded. The hysterical desire for a new, better, bigger school (More brushed concrete! Panel windows! Damnit, we fought two wars for on campus Starbucks!) erupts from the same dark place where parents scream from the touchline on Sports Day, convinced Little Johnny will one day be the first sportsman to win Wimbledon and play for England at Twickenham. Behind Rhona’s dead eyed smile they march, stilettos clicking on the tarmac they so long to see smother that ugly countryside. Rhona really ought to consider changing her surname. “Barnfield” is far too agrarian, much too redolent of an older, gentler rural England. Might I suggest “Cement-Mixer” or Tarmaca-madam perhaps?

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