Berkeley Homes/Howard of Effingham Joint Venture Effingham Liaison Group – Minutes

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2.00pm, Tuesday, 12 August 2014,

Parish Room, 3 Home Barn Court, the Street, Effingham KT24 5LG


Cllr Pindar – Chair, Effingham Parish Council (EPC)

Cllr Hogger – Effingham Parish Council, Guildford Borough Council (EPC/GBC)

Cllr Lightfoot – Effingham Parish Council (EPC)

J.Busher – Guildford Borough Council Planning Dept (GBC)

K.Williams – Guildford Borough Council Planning Dept (GBC)

C.Dick – Effingham Residents’ Association (EFFRA)

A.McPhillips – Berkeley Homes (BH)

David Gilchrist – Berkeley Homes (BH)

Greg Devine – Surrey County Council Highways (SCC)

C.Ritchie – Parish Clerk (EPC)


P.Davies – Effingham resident

P.Stock – Effingham resident

R.Barnfield – Howard of Effingham School (HoE)

A.Pershon – Howard of Effingham School (HoE)


Cllr Pindar (EPC), as Chair opened the meeting. The aims are of the liaison group remain to discuss issues and proposals regarding the proposed joint venture between Berkeley Homes and the Howard of Effingham School to allow consideration and mitigation of any possible issues and areas of concern and to input to any Section 106 proposals on behalf of the village.

Discussions are held Without Prejudice which means that all discussions taking place in the liaison group meetings are considered separate from any EPC assessment of future planning applications and have no impact on the decision of EPC regarding an application. This also applies to EFFRA.

Representation from GBC Planning department attend all meetings to ensure that the planning application process is not compromised and the Parish Clerk minutes and makes publically available all notes from liaison meetings.     CR

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising outside of the agenda

Proposal Update

A.McPhillips (BH) advised that discussions had been held with GBC Planning who had comments on aspects of conservation, open space, play space and elevational treatment. As a result revisions are being undertaken with an aim of further discussions in 2-3 weeks once all issues raised have been addressed. No further public consultation is planned as the changes are revisions and not fundamental changes. It was confirmed that the proposed number of units remains similar to previously.

A.McPhillips (BH) advised that comments had also been made regarding the Special Educational Circumstance criteria and this was also to be reviewed.

Due to these revisions there is no firm submission date available at present for an outline planning application but A.McPhillips (BH) undertook to give members of the Liaison Group 2-3 weeks notice prior to any submission.

Highways Considerations

G.Devine (SCC) gave an update on transport data received. A text only draft of Glanville’s (BH consultants) transport assessment was received at the end of July and the completed assessment had been received in the last week.

Based on a swift, initial review, G.Devine (SCC) felt there were 3 or 4 key points that had not been addressed by the assessment and there appeared to be a number of omissions, discrepancies and errors within the report. The next two weeks will be spent fully reviewing the assessment, carrying out a site visit, and internal consultations with other SCC Highways departments such as public transport and traffic signalling. There will then be an extensive report back to Glanvilles which will raise any necessary issues.

Initial feedback was that proposals for The Street needed work, congestion and Lower Road traffic modelling would be needed and is seemed likely that pedestrian infrastructure would be inadequate. There appeared to be some errors with the highways improvement works proposed particularly those concerning the Effingham Junction proposal where safety and capacity issues are likely to be flagged.

Cllr Hogger (GBC/EPC) asked whether the Liaison group could have sight of the transport assessment before it is finalised and submitted in order to share local knowledge and ensure it addresses the concerns raised by the Transport Working Group. Of particular concern would be any proposals for The Street which is the heart of the village. A.McPhillips (BH) advised that this would only be available once it had been agreed with SCC Highways.

Cllr Lightfoot (EPC) asked whether the use of a mini roundabout had been suggested to ease traffic flow and prevent congestion at the school entrance. G.Devine (SCC) advised that this had not been included but a request may be submitted by SCC or GBC for greater detail on parking and drop off arrangements for the school to be included in the planning application. J.Busher (GBC) advised that this would be linked to Reserved Matters.

Cllr Lightfoot (EPC) asked whether the parking provision proposed for the school was considered sufficient and would alleviate the current school run parking issues on Lower Road, in particular taking into account the number of staff parking places required, and the new sixth form parking being offered to a sixth increasing to 500 pupils. G.Devine (SCC) advised that he had not been supplied with this data and this area is likely to need further investigation.                  GD/RB/AP

C.Dick (EFFRA) asked for confirmation that traffic movement during the construction phase of any development is included in the assessment and possible highway conditions. G.Devine confirmed this was to be included.

G.Devine (SCC) advised that there are likely to be a number of SCC Highways conditions on any proposal.


A.McPhillips (BH) gave an update on a recent meeting with M.Willis, GBC Parks department and representatives from Natural England to discuss a SANG car park scheme. A response is expected from Natural England next week which will include the suggested number of car parking spaces. It will then be GBC’s responsibility to make two applications. GBC Parks and Planning Policy departments will make a change of use planning application for a car park to be submitted to colleagues in GBC Planning  and a  second application will need to be made to the appropriate Government body because this will involve registered Common land.

St Lawrence School

Cllr Hogger (GBC/EPC) asked for an update on the possible inclusion of a move for St Lawrence Primary Schhol to the proposed new HoE site, following the decision by St Lawrence Governing body to become a Foundation status school.

D.GilChrist (BH) confirmed that, at present, there were no plans to include this in the outline planning application for the HoE. It was confirmed, however, that R.Barnfield (HoE) is very interested in this idea and the plans have been adapted to accommodate this possibility at some point in the future.


D.Gilchrist (BH) advised that a report would shortly be available to all on the latest consultation drop in session. Report to be forwarded to Clerk                        DG/A.McP

A.McPhillips (BH) thanked EPC for the information on the Housing Requirements survey.

Section 106 Considerations

A.McPhillips (BH) stated that Berkeley Homes were still intending to attend a working group meeting to discuss possible Section 106 funding but that this was dependant on the outcome of discussions with Natural England and SCC Highways over SANG and highways funding requirements.

It is likely that early viability submissions may go to GBC but, again, dependant on other factors such as Affordable Housing requirements. Berkley Homes and GBC will discuss Section 106 contributions and then submit proposals which will then be assessed by auditors. This remains a confidential process due to the sensitive nature of some of the data provided such as Berkeley Homes profit margins.

Cllr Hogger (GBC/EPC) asked whether there was a standard tariff for SANG contributions and A.McPhillips (BH) advised that this is the case but payment against the tariff can vary and is negotiated based on development percentages and distance.

Any Other Business

Property Marketing

Cllr Lightfoot (EPC) asked whether Berkeley Homes marketed proposed developments such as Effingham’s abroad. A.McPhillips (BH) advised that it was Berkeley Homes’ policy to market properties in the home market before doing this abroad although information on the time delay before marketing abroad was not available. A.McPhillips offered to market new properties within the village before extending marketing any wider which was welcomed.

Date of Next meeting

The next HoE Liaison Group meeting will be:

4.00pm, 11 September 2014

Parish Room, 3 Home Barn Court, The Street, Effingham

A proposed transport working group meeting will be held in 3-4 weeks, date to be confirmed with A.McPhillips.            CR

Please note that parking is outside the courtyard on The Street.

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