Bernard Parke writes to Guildford Dragon

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Letter: We Should Consider the Independent Candidates More Carefully

From Bernard ParIndependent rosetteke Hon Alderman and former Borough Councillor and Town Mayor

Independent candidates, and those smaller party candidates, standing as  borough councillors have always been at a disadvantage despite their proven ability  to serve the town and contribute their experience in life for the good of  all.

Perhaps it is more in evidence at this election than those in the past. Today we see candidates, who have received national party sponsorship, enjoying the benefit of numerous and perhaps quite lavish, election  leaflet drops, delivered by numerous party workers.

More consideration should be given by those of us that are voting to look more  closely at those names on the ballot papers and not be inclined to vote for the national party labels.

Often national policies  are at odds with local issues as some of us are only too well aware.

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