Call for support to oppose the Howard of Effingham Planning Application

Message from the Effingham Village Neighbourhood Plan Team

Help us stop Berkeley Homes from destryi
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Call for support to oppose the Howard of Effingham Planning Application

Wednesday 9 March 2016 at 6.30pm

Council Chamber, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB

As you may know the HoE planning application comes to the GBC Planning Committee on Wednesday March 9th. GBC Planners have put together a comprehensive review and recommended that the application be rejected as it fails to make the case for ‘very special circumstances,’ required to build on Green Belt land. The school and Berkeley Homes have reacted by whipping up an emotional campaign to pressurise planning councillors to overturn the recommendation on the basis of community benefit. This has included a quite unbelievably  misleading campaign to misrepresent elements of the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan to parents.

We’re asking that you help us stand up to the bullying tactics of Berkeley homes by attending the meeting on Wednesday to demonstrate community support for our Neighbourhood Plan, which will be decimated if the Howard proposal progresses. Be in no doubt that if Berkeley Homes succeed, we will lose the opportunity to build the kind of homes that local people want. The character of our historic village will be lost forever, sacrificed for a vanity project that will benefit the school community for a limited period, and condemn both the current school community, and Effingham residents to nearly a decade of living in the middle of a massive construction site, with all the noise, pollution and disruption that comes with it.

If you can attend the meeting please do so. We really need your support. If you cannot, please send an email to object to

The planning arguments have been well made, but we are keen to ensure that the committee understands that the benefit to the school community will be short term, and does not offset the detriment to the broader community of Effingham, most of whom have no direct connection with the school.  Whilst we are proud of the school, we think the interests and needs of the school need to be balanced with those of the community in which it sits. The planning application does nothing to provide for the broader community and will undermine the Neighbour Plan, and the efforts of local people to build a sustainable plan that will provide the homes local people need, without destroying the historic environment.

Please help us help our village.

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