Clandon Park fire: National Trust set to announce plans for future of stricken mansion


The trust will make an announcement on Monday (January 18) about the future of the fire ravaged building


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The National Trust will announce what the future holds for fire-hit Clandon Park next week.

An electrical fault sparked a vicious blaze at the eighteenth century Palladian mansion near Guildford on April 29 last year, gutting the famous stately home.

Much debate has since taken place over whether or not to restore the ruined masterpiece, with Director General Dame Helen Ghosh set to lay out plans for its future on Monday (January 18).

Director General of the National Trust Helen Ghosh will make the announcement

The Earl of Onslow, whose family owned the house from the 1720s to 1956 when it was sold to the National Trust, surprised many in December when he said his ancestral home should not be rebuilt, arguing that the insurance money should be spent instead on buying another grade one-listed property.

During the aftermath of the fire, many clamoured for the National Trust to fully restore the house, as it did Uppark in West Sussex after it was extensively damaged by a fire caused by a blow-torch in 1989.

But Lord Onslow said the National Trust could acquire another grade one-listed home for 20% of the estimated £65million expected to make up the insurance payout following the Clandon Park disaster.

han being faithfully restored, a new modern building should be constructed within and around the remaining walls, as happened with the Tate Modern gallery.

On Friday (January 15), Get Surrey was able to reveal in detail how the fire unfolded at Clandon Park and the response by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Simon Moore of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Assistant chief fire officer Simon Moore said the operation was conducted professionally, while accepting the fast-moving nature of the incident did make the mission problematic

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