Clandon Park House fire: Damaged mansion to be ‘rebuilt’


 “Far from certain” when and in what form the rebuild will take.

Clandon ParkClandon Park House will soon have scaffolding erected around it

A mansion reduced to a shell following a massive fire will be rebuilt “in some shape or form,” the National Trust has said.

The blaze at Clandon Park House in April gutted the Grade I-listed building near Guildford in Surrey.

The trust said it will rebuild the 18th century stately home, with scaffolding soon to be erected around the house.

Hundreds of items were rescued from the flames and it is hoped others can still be salvaged.

Helen Ghosh, director-general of the trust, said despite the pledge it was “far from certain” when and in what form the rebuild will take.

nullThe National Trust does not yet know whether the house can be restored

“The house has been left a shell, with the inside of the building almost completely destroyed,” she said.

“We’re still awaiting guidance from the structural engineers on the safety of the house.

“Despite the uncertainty, we would like to reassure all those people who love Clandon as much as we do that it will continue in some shape or form in the future.”

nullThe trust said significant amounts of the collection had been saved

nullThe fire began in the basement and spread quickly to the roof

It is still not known what caused the fire, however, the trust has said a “significant amount” of the house’s collection had been saved.

One room – the Speakers’ Parlour – survived “almost intact,” it said.

Details of more than 350 items rescued have been released by the trust, including personal mementoes belonging to the 6th Earl of Onslow relating to his time as a prisoner of war.

nullClandon Park House was one of the National Trust’s main attractions in the South East

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