Congestion Is a major constraint to the local economy


Roland McKinney, a member of Effingham Residents Association, writes in the Guildford Dragon

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Recently elected to Effingham Residents Association executive committee Roland writes in the Guildford Dragon that Guildford Borough Council surveys of local businesses revealed that delays due to traffic congestion were viewed as a major issue, at least on a par with high cost local housing. Yet there is nothing in the draft Local Plan that addresses this issue.

Adding houses some distance away from main employment centres in Guildford will add even more traffic – but the plan fails to recognise this, and even plans to add more businesses. How can this one sided view be taken seriously?

Congestion is currently a major constraint, but it seems councillors think if they ignore it it will go away. The published plan will result in much greater congestion – and so businesses will move away from the area.

If business premises were in such short supply why did the council create a trampoline park in the middle of a commercial estate they own, contrary to their own rules?

Claims that the loss of green belt will only be 1.6 per cent are being repeated. Let me reveal the wider picture. The implementation of the draft local plan will result in the loss of more than six per cent of land currently designated as green belt. A much greater impact than councillors will admit to.

Roland is also a member of GGG and Handsoffthegreenbelt

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