Could Surrey’s growing number of academy schools affect school place provision?

Surrey Mirror

THE growing number of academies in Surrey may add to the county council’s “significant concern” over its ability to create enough school places

By Surrey Mirror  |  Posted: January 20, 2016

 CONVERSION: Reigate School is considering academy status

The council has a statutory duty to create enough places, but cannot make academies expand.

Of the county’s 390 schools, 85 are now academies. More than half of the county’s secondaries have converted to academy status but the vast majority of primary schools remain under local authority control.

A report on the impact of academies is to be presented to the council’s education and skills board today (Thursday).

It states: “The Education Act 2011 introduced the concept of Academy Presumption in respect of all new schools, which effectively requires all newly created schools to be Academies including all free schools. This has had implications for our processes around basic need.”

Academies will be “vital” to delivering the secondary places needed by 2020, it says. The Regional Schools Commissioner and the Schools Adjudicator can direct academies to take more pupils and the report stresses the importance of retaining cooperative links with them.

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