December “warmest for at least 700 years” in Surrey and Sussex

Surrey Mirror

December is turning out to be warmer than the mildest November ever recorded

By Surrey Mirror  |  Posted: December 22, 2015

A rose in bloom in Reigate on December 7

THIS December is turning out to be warmer than the mildest November ever recorded, Surrey and Sussex weather expert Ian Currie said today (Wednesday).

And he said that this month “without a doubt” will turn out to be the hottest December in history in our area.

“I think it is safe to say that this month is so extraordinarily warm, there is no December like it going back at least 700 years. It’s far beyond anything. Although the Met Office plays safe and says that it is the warmest for so many decades, what I’m saying is that we’ve had nothing like it in southern England for hundreds of years. Seven hundred years at least.

“Usually when a record is broken, it is by a point or a couple of points of a degree, but this December is warmer by several degrees than the previous highest record. It is so far warmer than the warmest November ever recorded and that’s saying something. There’s plenty more mild days ahead.”

Mr Currie, who has one of the biggest collections of historical meteorological data in the country, said this December so far had been warmer than many an April, too.

At Charlwood, near Gatwick Airport, the temperature at 5am today was a balmy 13.2C (55F). The Met Office predicted that London could see 16C (61F) by lunchtime, making it one of the warmest December days in the capital.

On Saturday, Surrey and Sussex saw temperatures of 15C or 16C (60F) and in London almost 17C (63F), breaking all previous records.

Mr Currie, who is the author of “Weather Lore – Fact or Fiction?” said that this December “will probably be the benchmark month when people will realise that something amazing is going on with the weather. It is unprecedented.”

The previous warmest December was in 1934 but December 2015 is now warmer by several degrees, Mr Currie added.

As for Christmas, it will be “fairly mild” with some rain at times, he said. Boxing Day and December 27 will see the return of very mild conditions as warm air pumps up again from the Azores.

*Mr Currie said that on the other side of the Atlantic, there is a heatwave in the States which is also breaking records. New York could see 24C (75F) this week and Christmas Day in Florida could see 29c (84F), making it the hottest Christmas Day on record there.

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