“Giving developers a get out clause for providing affordable housing” extract from Guildford Dragon

An edited extract from Guildford Dragon

Letter: Not Building on the Green Belt Is Like Saying Don’t Have Children

Bob Panton Reply

September 6, 2014 at 11:54 am

….. Sadly, our children are forced out of Guildford now as house prices are too high and they will be in the future. This will not change. Guildford Borough Council (GBC) are giving developers a get out clause for providing affordable housing on new developments by adding the “if it is viable” condition to the draft plan.

How many voracious developers will build 45 per cent affordable housing on green belt when they can make so much more money from lovely executive homes nestling in the beautiful countryside of Guildford?

The Metropolitan Green Belt is the back-yard for us all. It is the lungs of London and many Londoners abandon their homes at the weekend to come and enjoy the fresh air and green spaces. We cannot undo lost green belt of the past, but this doesn’t mean we should roll over and give up the fight to save what is left.

The fact that Guildford is 89 per cent green belt is not a good reason for Guildford Borough Council to come up with as high a yearly housing number as possible, the majority of new homes to be developed on the green belt. In fact it is good reason to lower the number of homes per year, yet GBC ignore this……..

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