Effingham Residents Association abv Minutes 12 March 2015



Minutes of Meeting

Held on 12th March 2015

In the Parish Room


Present:          Chairman                   Chris Dick

                        Secretary                   David King

                        Treasurer                   Juliet Newton-Smith

                        Planning                     Peter Mott

                       Publicity                      Pat Bleasby

James Brennan, Maria Higgs, Liz Hogger (Councillor)

Guests: Jeremy and Kay Palmer

  1. Apologies: Julie Iles (Wardens), Vivien White (Press), guest: Jason Buttery

  1. Minutes of previous meetings:

   13-1-15   Approved.

   12-2-15   Although the meeting was not quorate, the committee endorsed the actions at that meeting regarding the letter of objection previously discussed at committee.

  1. Matters Arising

Minutes dated 13-1-15

  • Upper Leewood Farm — see below.

  • Lawrence School — agreed to defer until April.

  • Wisley Airfield — see below.

Minutes dated 12-2-15

  • Tollgate Farm — letter of comments sent.

  1. Planning

PM reported on recent applications of significance:

  • High Barn — refused but now gone to Appeal.

EH stressed the need to have a local list of Listed Buildings. DK to write to ELHG (Sue Morris) to encourage ELGH to generate such a list.

  • Kayos Cottage — refused

  • Greenacres, High Barn — appln. to demolish and re-build. No EFFRA comment.

4.1 Upper Leewood Farm

Retrospective appln. for the enlarged “barn” was due to be submitted by end Feb., but has not been to date. MH explained the difficulties surrounding issues like this and agreed to follow this matter up with concerned resident and provide a note to DK.  Action MH

4.2 Effingham Common SANG/car park

EPC representatives have had meeting with GBC. GBC have not progressed this matter and did not appear to be pursuing the Effingham Common option any longer.

4.3 Berkeley Homes/Howard

Referring to VW memo for this meeting, the following actions were agreed:

  • Draft letter to SCC Wilkinson to ask where and how his decision to support the Berkley Homes application had been made and whether there was a record of any relevant meetings. Action VW

  • Draft a letter to Barry Fagg the Head of Planning at GBC regarding a reference to SCC and GBC being in discussion about schools which had been mentioned in recent GBC Press Release about the Local Plan. Action CD

  • It was also agreed that EFFRA would start now to compile a dossier regarding documents circulated to the village before and during the appln. process. Action VW to co-ordinate.

  • No news on section 106 discussions. Post meeting CD reported that he had received an email from Philip Davies (EPC Sec 106 Working Group) to the effect that nothing had changed since his meeting with Berkeley Homes

4.4 Wisley Airfield

CD has drafted EFFRA letter of objection, which was approved for sending subject to minor amendment. Committee members are encouraged to write personal letters of objection.

  1. Press: CD, in capacity of website Editor, had written to Surrey Ad. Enclosing an email from Surrey Police Commissioner about Police funding shortfall; see EFFRA website. It was also noted that Effingham no longer has a PCSO.

  1. Treasurer: JN-S tabled year end (Feb.) draft accounts which were unanimously approved for submission to the Examiner, Roy Donovan. Current account balance is £2002, deposit account £3795.

JN-S has obtained a quotation of £185 for a suitable insurance policy. This was approved for JN-S to proceed.

  1. Website: Problem with size of PJB Cars advertisement not yet sorted. Action CD to pursue. Committee approved £300 fy 2015-2016 for web tech maintenance on the basis of £30 per minor tweak as an incentive for the tech. J N-S reported to the Committee that she had paid the renewal fee for the website for the following year.

  1. Other meetings:

8.1 AGM Given that EFFRA scheduled date of 7-5-15 has subsequently been selected for the General Election, it was agreed to change the date to, preferably, 30-4-15 or 14-5-15. Although the Catholic Hall has been booked, it was agreed to change this in view of the current severely limited parking. DK to arrange. [post meeting: AGM will be at St. Lawrence church Hall on 30th April]

8.2 EPC Neighbourhood Plan Public consultation meeting is scheduled for 14-3-15 at KGV. EPC aim to submit the emerging Plan to GBC by end April 2015.

  1. Any Other Business:

9.1 Committee for 2015/16

PB and JI are both standing down.

JN-S, DK both confirmed willing to continue with their portfolios.

CD, JB, MH are all willing to continue.

VW and PM to advise DK.

(N.B. Under the Constitution the Hon Secretary and Hon. Treasurer are elected at AGM; the Chairman is elected by the Committee. Traditionally the Borough Councillor is co-opted).

9.2 Howard traffic/parking

JP commented on traffic/parking chaos caused by a Howard parents’ meeting. It was suggested that EFFRA could advertise on the website to warn residents of potential problems, provided the school gave advanced notice.

9.3 Post Office closure

Scheduled for end March. At present nobody seems to know what is proposed for the empty PO/shop.

9.4 Grass verge outside Catholic Hall

JP reported that the verge has been completely cut up by parked vehicles, believed to be contractors’. DK to write expressing concern and to request that in due course the grass be restored by re-turving.

Next meeting: Thursday 9-4-15, 20.00hrs. in Parish Room

J. King (Hon. Sec.)

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