Effingham Residents Association December 2014 Minutes



Minutes of Meeting

Held on 11th December2014

In the Parish Room



Chairman                        Chris Dick

Secretary                        David King

Treasurer                        Juliet Newton-Smith

Planning                        Peter Mott

Press                            Vivien White

Parish/Borough Cllr     Liz Hogger

                                     James Brennan

                                     Maria Higgs

  1. Apologies

    Pat Bleasby (Publicity), Julie Iles (Wardens officer)

  1. Minutes of previous meeting


  1. Matters Arising

VW will write again to Sir Paul Beresford, following the EPC Public Meeting on 9th Dec.

CD reported that the website designers have now been paid.

DK to include agenda item in Jan.15 re. EFFRA involvement in issues outside Effingham but impacting on it.

  1. Planning

Apart from the Berkeley Homes application, no significant applications in the last month.

Manor Barn:

This application will go before the Planning committee on 7th Jan.15. Demolition of the barn should be refused because this is a heritage building of the village and as such should be listed.

Three Acre Barn, Guildford Road:

This plot has just been sold. There is an Enforcement Notice on this land precluding residential habitation. The new owners will have to apply for planning permission/change of use if they wish to reside.

Manor House School:

Application has been made to MVDC to demolish its existing classroom block and build a new facility. CD attended a presentation on this project and advised that the proposals would be sympathetic to the surroundings and an enhancement.

Photo-me site, Bookham:

DK to view proposals on MVDC website and report.

Effingham Common SANG/car park:

This is tied into the Berkeley Homes’ proposals because they are within 7Km of the Wisley/Ockham commons SPA. In theory, the new homes, if built, cannot be occupied unless a suitable SANG is established. GBC are looking for an alternative to Effingham Common.

GBC management of the Common has been by the Parks and Countryside dept., which appears to manage the Common as a park for recreation rather than a natural Common to encourage wild life. VW is researching and will produce a paper for comment and passing to EPC in early Jan. 15.

St. Lawrence School:

A meeting was held on 5th Dec. with EFFRA representatives. The matter has been shelved for the time being pending more information. CD to discuss with Paula Moss.

It was noted that a primary school is shown on the Berkeley plans for Eff. Lodge Farm but at the meeting the school representatives claimed that there were no proposals to move from the current site.

DK to include in Jan. meeting agenda.

Berkeley Homes/Howard School (appln.14/P/02109):

Posters have been put up around the village.

VW will draft the letter of objection from EFFRA. The following points were discussed briefly:

  • The proposals for traffic in the Street (particularly the pedestrian crossing and the “pinch” point) are not viable in themselves and could have a devastating effect on Church St./Browns Lane and on Manor House Lane

  • Common SANG issue needs to be included in EFFRA objection

  • Every relevant objection should be included in EFFRA response

  • Other secondary schools are already scheduled to be built in the area

  • GBC timescale is to consider the application at Planning Meeting in March

  • CD to put Paula Moss’ data and photos on EFFRA website

  • JN-S to email questionnaire respondents to advise that specimen letters of objection are available on EFFRA website

  • VW to obtain from the Clerk the attendance list from 9th Dec. meeting

  • It was agreed desirable that specimen objection letters should be available in the village; to be arranged, hopefully, as follows:

                   Sibleys —- DK, Village Supermarket —- CD, Hairdressers —- DK/Linda McKinney

                   CD will print the hardcopies; DK, VW to email their letters to him

                   VW to arrange for suitable posters for the shops to advertise the specimen letters

  • It was agreed not include any press cuttings of politicians’ pronouncements as an appendix in EFFRA response.


  1. Any Other Business


5.1 The committee thanked James and Heather for their kind and excellent hospitality in hosting the Wardens’ Christmas drinks party. A cheque for re-imbursement was passed to James which he is generously donating in total to the church organ fund.

5.2 JN-S reported that EFFRA has been awarded £1200 by EPC from the Community Fund. This will help to defray the costs involved in fighting Berkeley Homes. EFFRA funds are £3789 in deposit account and £1339 in current.

5.3 Maria agreed to be co-opted to the committee and was welcomed.



Next meeting: 13-1-15, 20.00hrs. in Parish Room



  1. J. King (Hon. Sec.)



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