Minutes of Meeting

Held at “Old Stantons”


10th September 2015


Present:             Chairman                        Chris Dick

                           Secretary                        David King

                         James Brennan, Liz Hogger, Kay Palmer, James Wetenhall,

  1. Item 1. Apologies: Howard Manton, Juliet Newton-Smith, Vivien White, R.McKinney


  1. Item 2. Minutes of previous meeting: 16-7-15, approved.


  1. Item 3. Matters Arising:

  • Letter to SCC sent 19-7-15. Reply from SCC dated 12-8-15. KP to email copy to committee. EPC have already written to GBC about that letter. CD to send copy to GBC and EPC

  1. Item 4. Planning:

  2. The Drift Golf Club: SCC have notified a re-consultation on the current application re. importation and haulage of vast amounts of waste material. DK to send letter re-iterating objections in EFFRA letters to SCC of 16 & 29-10-15.

    Berkeley/Howard: Berkeley are currently responding to various questions from GBC Planning dept.

  • New road adjustment proposals have been submitted to GBC. ALL to review on website and send comments by 18-9-15 to DK to write letter of comments to GBC. CD to link to website and newsletter. Comments at the meeting raised concerns about:

  • Build-out at pinch point in The Street to make one-way.

  • Overhang of the buildings on eastern side

  • Loss of parking in The Street outside The Steps

4A Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (NP):

Committee heard a briefing on the draft which was posted on the NP website on 8-9-15. Salient points were:

  • Public meeting on 11 & 12-9-15 are for preliminary discussions

  • Village wide survey is to issue mid- Oct. for 6-8 weeks.

  • Hard copy of the draft will be available for reading in the Parish Room

  • GBC is the Strategic Authority. EPC objective is to persuade GBC to accept the Effingham NP.

  • Housing target is 60 total (2016 to 2030), ie an average of 4pa. This is close to the recent historical annual growth in Effingham.

  • Requirement is for approx. 20% 1-bed and 60% 2-bed homes based on evidence from EPC survey of 2013.

  • Greenfield developments over (?? How many??) homes must have 45% “affordable”, ie housing association or council homes.

  • Not more than 40% may be flats.

  • Sites:

  1. Church St.: 20 homes with 80% 1 or 2-bed, plus area for extension of burial ground. Available area not known at meeting.

  2. Lyons field: 9 homes. This site is bisected by the 5Km boundary of the SPA zone of Ockham and Wisley Commons. 10 or more homes can only be built if there is a SANG with carpark, but there is not.

  3. Effingham Lodge Farm (ELF) West: 30 houses, 80% 1 and 2-bed, 45% affordable. Proposal is conditional on all glass houses being removed and returned to Green Belt.

  4. Orchard Walls, Beech Avenue: This is in the current Settlement Area and not really contentious.

  • Settlement Area:

  • Proposal to increase its size, but village to remain “washed over” by the Green Belt.

  • Intended to contribute to “openness” of the Green Belt.

  • Maintain strategic gap between Lt. Bookham and Effingham

  • Not proposing to change Green Belt boundaries.

  • Timetable:

  • Submit to GBC by end Jan. 2016, to become an “emerging” NP; this carries weight as a document of which developers have to take notice.

  • GBC Local Plan (LP) is due to be published late Apr./May 2016 for consultation period June & July 2016.

  1. Item 5. Advertising: KP to approach potential advertisers for the Oct. Newsletter.

CD to format proposed draft lay-out and send to KP. It is hoped that the following will advertise:

MPS; PJB Cars; Theleatherbriefcase co.; Grand Designs (CD to liaise).


  1. Item 6. Treasurer: Nothing significant reported.

  1. Item 7. Website: 1,030 readers in last month; a drop in hits

  1. Item 8. Other meetings:

  • CD had informal meeting with CPRE representatives at which further possible sites were mooted, namely:

  • The maintenance yard at Effingham station

  • The lorry park complex in Cobham road, although this may be in, or partially in, E. Horsley.

  1. Item 9. Constitution: postponed (DK)

  1. Item 10. AOB

10.1 It was reported that lorries are using Orestan Lane outside the hours scheduled by their licences and tonnage restrictions. Two Firs claim that these are not their lorries. No solution for monitoring or enforcing seems possible.

10.2 JB raised issue of overgrown hedges impeding pavements and footways and weeds in gutters. The former is responsibility of landowners and the gutters believed to be SCC, not GBC.

10.3 ELHG Display Boards: It was agreed that EFFRA would support ELHG application for Community Funding for approx. 10-off 4-panel boards. Action DK to write letter to ELHG.

10.4 Newsletter will basically comprise:

  • CD (Chairman) letter

  • Allotments article

  • Any other articles

  • Call for Wardens for roads not currently covered (JB)

  • Poem(s) by DK

10.5   Beech Avenue: It was considered that since the road had been closed for 4 weeks, its classification as a key N-S artery is not justified. The meeting agreed that weight limit restrictions should be applied and enforced on this busy narrow road.


Next meeting: Parish Room, Thurs. 8-10-15 (later cancelled)


  • J. King (Hon. Sec.)                                                                               iss: 01 (13-9-15)

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