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Minutes of Meeting

Held on 13th November 2014

In the Parish Room


Chairman                        Chris Dick

Secretary                        David King

Treasurer                        Juliet Newton-Smith

Planning                         Peter Mott

Press                              Vivien White

Parish/Borough Cllr       Liz Hogger

Publicity                        Pat Bleasby

                                      James Brennan

1. Apologies:  Julie Iles (Wardens officer)

2. Minutes of previous meeting were approved

3,  Matters Arising

         5.1  St. Lawrence School:  meeting scheduled for 5-12-14.  CD, VW PM will attend.

          8.  PB to follow up responses regarding website sponsorship from PJB Cars and MPS.

          9.  VW/JN-S confirmed that list of questionnaire responders’ emails has been drawn up.

         11.1 It was agreed that the letters to Chairman EPC and our Borough Cllr were no longer required.

         11.2 VW to draft follow-up letter to the Rt. Hon. Paul Beresford MP then pass to DK.

4.  Planning

PM stated that there had been no significant applications in the last month.


4.1 The Committee heard an up-date on:

Manor Barn:  this is not a listed building and planners are minded to allow demolition.

Ranmore Manor:  applicant now wants to amend approved plans by building 2x houses to replace an office building.


4.2 Guildford Local Plan:  nothing to discuss at this stage.


4.3 SANG car park, Eff. Common:  Action: DK to write follow up letter to his of 17th Oct, in absence of a reply to date.


4.4 Berkeley Homes/Howard.

The documents lodged are still not complete to satisfy GBC to enable the application to be registered, e.g. Plans of existing buildings on the sites are missing.

VW, PM will review/amend DK draft of letter to residents giving bullet points of grounds for objection  In order to tie in with the EPC public meeting scheduled for 9th Dec. and enable EPC Chairman’s letter and EFFRA letter to be delivered together, the following target timescale was agreed:

  • VW, PM Complete letter to pass to PB and printers                19-11-14

  • Receive 1100 copies from printers                                           21-11-14

  • Distribute copies to Wardens  JI/committee                           22/23-11-14

  • Wardens to complete deliveries                       by end             30-11-14

CD to ask JI to forewarn Wardens of the need to deliver during wk. 24-11-14.

DK to write to GBC (John Busher) requesting an 8 week period for consultation.

VW is preparing a map showing boundaries of Green Belt, Settlement Area, Conservation Area and Effingham/Lt.Bookham and also including locations of listed building with some photographs thereof.

VW is also having posters made for mounting in the village and for householders.


4.5 Neighbourhood Plan:

The EPC Steering Committee is due to meet in next 2 weeks but Committee heard that not much will happen on this until mid-Dec.  It is anticipated that it will emerge as an “Outline Plan” to submit to GBC in March 2015, following discussion in the village around end-Feb.  It was confirmed that EFFRA is happy in principle to assist in drafting of the plan.


4.6  Chalk Lane, Lt. Bookham:


The committee confirmed previous decision to write to SCC suggesting that with the need for Affordable housing in the area, it was disappointing of SCC not to propose such housing for this site.   Action: PM to write to SCC accordingly.


5. Press:

DK continues to monitor local papers for articles of importance to EFFRA.


6. Treasurer’s report:

No movement in the accounts this period.  It may be possible for EVRT and EFFRA to apply for funding from the “Community Fund”.  Action CD

7.  Website:  See para. 3(8) above.


8. Other meetings


8.1 Section 106 meetings:

The Committee noted that whilst BH had offered to meet once more it was unlikely that the Joint Working Group would meet again because BH had submitted their plans to GBC.


8.2 CPRE  CD attended meeting in Guildford.  See EFFRA website for report.


9. Wardens’ Drinks Party

Positive responses to date has been disappointingly low.  CD to ask JI to send a reminder to Wardens and also to invite them to bring a ‘plus one’ spouse or friend.



10. Any Other Business


10.1 DK to send follow up letter to Leader GBC Exec Council as drafted by PM and approved by EFFRA Committee.

10.2 St. Lawrence Church JB reported on the financial position of church and the need to replace the church organ; general funds are low and he is concerned for its future over the next 5-8 years.  The Committee discussed how the church might engage more with the community.

10.3 For future debate, Committee to decide to what extent EFFRA should involve itself in matters outside the Parish.


Next meeting: 11-12-14, 20.00hrs. in Parish Room, including signing of Christmas cards to Wardens.


JI to bring the cards but DK could produce home made card, pencil drawing, reproduced for approx. £0.15 per card, excluding envelope.  CD/DK to discuss, decide and advise JI.


D. J. King (Hon. Sec.)

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