Effingham students accused of taking part in a ‘drunken riot’ outside school

Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser

More than 150 youngsters took part in an “alcohol-fueled riot” at King George V playing field on Friday, according to reports.

Parish councillor James Nicholls, who noted that the incident took place at 11am on Friday morning (May 13), said the pupils were behaving so erratically that other residents were petrified of going anywhere near them.

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1 thought on “Effingham students accused of taking part in a ‘drunken riot’ outside school”

  1. According to the newspaper report, staff from Howard School became involved in restoring order; all credit to them.
    If this is so, then presumably those staff know the names of students involved.
    I call on Howard School to advise Effingham residents what punishments have been bestowed on the miscreants.

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