EFFRA Minutes for May 2015 – edited



Minutes of Meeting

Held in the Parish Room on 7th May 2015


Secretary                        David King

Treasurer                        Juliet Newton-Smith

Chris Dick, Vivien White, Howard Manton, Kay Palmer, James Wetenhall,

Consultant: Roland McKinney

1A. Election of Chairman for 2015/16:

CD was elected (proposer: VW, seconder: HM)

  1. Apologies:

James Brennan, Liz Hogger

  1. Minutes of previous meeting:

9-4-15, Approved.

  1. Matters Arising:

  • 1 Upper Leewood Farm: GBC have advised that an appln. has now been lodged but as of 7-5-15 it has not been registered on the GBC planning website. The concerned resident has been informed.

  • 3 Berkeley/Howard appln.:

   –  No response yet received to VW’s letter to SCC. VW/DK to check date of letter and VW to send a chaser when appropriate.

   –  R. McK. had also written under an FOI but reply received was inconsequential.

   –  DK reported that the Transport/Road submissions have been reviewed. Drawings are difficult to read on the website, but main concern appears to be in detail, eg. provision of

anti-skid surfaces.

   –  VW has started to compile a dossier. KP to ask neighbour for copy of emails sent by the school to parents.

   –  R.McK to issue copy to the committee of his letter to Advertising Standards.

  • 4 Catholic Hall verge: Action outstanding DK

3A. Appointment of officers/allocation of duties:

Duties were allocated to committee members as follows:

  • Vice-chairman/publicity/press: VW

  • Wardens Officer                         JB

  • Planning Officer:                         JW (DK to email duties/procedures to JW)

  • Printing:                                     CD/VW

  • Newsletter advertising:             KP

  • Infrastructure Consultant             R Mc

  • Other Meetings and Website             CD

  • Committee voted to Co opt Borough Councillor to EFFRA Committee

  1. Planning:

  • Berkeley/Howard: See above. No further actions at present. There have been 603 letters to GBC, of which 86.4% are against.

  • Other significant applns:

   –  15/P/00547 Badger’s Farm, High Barn Road

Conversion of existing single storey blg. At front of site into 4x 1-bed accommodation, plus communal facilities, for agricultural workers. In DK view, not objectionable, but EPC have objected.

   –  15/P/00627 Kayos Cottage, Guildford Road

New appln. for a traditional style 2-storey chalet-style house. In DK view, not objectionable.

   –  15/P/00674 Taplow Farm, Salmonds Road

Conversion of existing barn/stables to a single storey dwelling house. In DK view, not objectionable.

4A. Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

  • CD gave a report on current status:

  • EFFRA are concerned that defined procedures are not being followed, e.g. Working Group should have a nominated chairman and a dedicated clerk to minute all proceedings accurately. The NP process must follow recommended guidelines

  • Action It was agreed that CD should arrange a meeting with GBC, including DK. It is vital that the entire process is transparent.. Action CD to contact Arnold Pindar (chairman, EPC) subsequently. Action CD will keep committee informed of progress.

  • VW is reviewing/drafting criteria for assessing sites, particularly re. Green Belt issues. Action VW to circulate draft criteria for Committee contributions to pass to EPC NP Team in two weeks (say by 21-5-15)

–            CD is carrying out an analysis of the responses on boards at the EPC public meeting held on 14-3-15.

  1. Press: Nothing significant to report.

  1. Treasurer: Current account stands at £1888, deposit at £3798.

  1. Website: Current analytics shows 999 readers per month following a New Year dip in numbers

  1. Other meetings:

    CD as chairman is expected to attend other Meetings such as the CPRE AGM 3/7/15 but encouraged other committee members to attend these meetings including the EPC last-Tuesday-in-the-month Meetings.

  1. Meeting dates for the year: The following dates were approved by committee members

  • Committee meetings: Thursdays

  • 11-6-15

  • 9-7-15

  • (Normally no meeting in Aug.)

  • 10-9-15

  • 8-10-15

  • 12-11-15

  • 10-12-15

  • 14-1-16

  • 11-2-16

  • 10-3-16

  • 14-4-16

  • AGM 5-5-16

  • Wardens meetings: Mondays

  • 21-9-15

  • 18-1-16

  • 14-4-16

  1. Constitution: DK to circulate his proposals for amendments before next meeting.

  1. AOB:

CD reported that following repeated incidences of unruly behaviour by youths (probably) leaving the British Legion Hall in the early hours of Fridays and Saturdays, he has been in touch with senior police officers who have now agreed to have a police presence for at least two weeks on those nights.

Next meeting: Thurs. 11-6-15

J. King (Hon. Sec.)

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