EFFRA Minutes of Meeting 10 July 2014



Minutes of Meeting

Held on 10 July 2014

In the Parish Room

Present:  Chris Dick, David King, Juliet Newton-Smith, James Brennan, Pat Bleasby, Peter Mott

Vivien White, Liz Hogger

1. Apologies  Julie Iles

2. Visitors AOB none

3. Minutes of previous meeting Corrections were made to the draft as follows and the minutes then approved:

  • P2, line3: “was unlikely to” replaced by “might not”
  • P2, line8: “May” replaced by “April”

4.0 Matters arising

4.1 GBC Draft Local Plan

4.1.1 The following leaflet documents, currently in short supply, were passed to DK:

  • GBC Draft Local Plan: Strategy & Sites consultation
  • Consultation questionnaire

DK to review and copy to others if necessary.

4.1.2 EPC is distributing a leaflet to all residents entitled “Have your say on the future of Effingham”.  The leaflet lists dates throughout July/Aug./Sept. of Drop-in sessions at the Parish Room, and also a GBC event at KGV on 2nd Aug.  Copy was passed to DK.

4.1.3 Home Farm

The Committee heard and discussed the situation regarding Home Farm.  The draft Plan was changed at the last minute and the Councilors were not advised prior to voting to approve the draft.  As a result, in the draft most of Calvert Road and Chester Road are removed from Green Belt status, which would allow fields other than the 6 pitches previously agreed to be inset from the Green Belt.  Thus these sites would not be exception sites and therefore would not have to be for local families.  The potential number of sites, if the draft were approved into the final Plan, could be in excess of 20.  The committee were unanimous in condemning GBC’s actions.

Keith Walker, as chairman of PHFCC, has written to GBC on this issue; EH to send copy of letter to DK for DK to write to GBC expressing EFFRA objection.

In the event that there is no GBC climb-down, EPC/EFFRA could consider demanding a Judicial Review.

4.1.4 EFFRA Questionnaire to residents.

The draft was reviewed and amended.  CD/DK to refine accordingly.

The agreed plan is to ask residents to return completed questionnaires to one of the following:

  • (a) their respective Road Warden
  • (b) drop-in box at Sibley’s
  • (c) drop-in box at Village Market

DK to arrange with (b) and (c).

The questionnaire will have space for wardens to insert their name and address.

4.1.5 SANG car park on Effingham Common/Wisley Common SPA

The Committee heard and discussed that even if a car park, as proposed by GBC, is not built on Effingham Common, that it would not necessarily preclude development on Effingham Lodge Farm, or indeed Preston Farm. After discussion it was agreed that the SANG car park would remain in the questionnaire as the Committee understood that these restrictions could equally apply to Wisley Airfield.

In passing, it was stated that SCC education Dept. are on record as stating that there is no basic need for more places at Howard.

4.2 Constitution review

It was unanimously agreed that the clause regarding EFFRA candidates as EPC and GBC councilors should be retained.

5.0 Planning

  • Tollgate Farm Barn — Cert. of law. applied for
  • High Barn House — refused
  • 2, church Cottages — refused
  • St. Theresa’s equestrian centre — approved
  • Casa Mia, Orestan Lane — approved, subject to demolition work being carried out first
  • Longacre, gypsy fieldsite — dismissed on Appeal, on grounds of traffic problems, but the Inspector included its location in the Green Belt as a reason also for refusal.
  • Two Firs — appln. for increase in traffic movements goes to hearing this month

VW agreed to monitor traffic notices in both the Surrey Advertiser (CD) and the Leatherhead Advertiser (DK); CD/DK to provide papers as noted.

5.1  St Lawrence School status

VW will continue her research.  The land was given by Lovelace and it is believed SCC hold docs. Indicating there is a Covenant on the land.  EPC clerk is obtaining data from the Land Registry.

Governors have offered to meet EPC.  DK to respond to the Governors requesting a meeting to include all EFFRA committee.

It was mooted that applying for listed building status could be a way of saving the Victorian buildings.

5.2 Manor House School

CD reported that their proposal is to demolish an ugly, flat-roofed building and replace with one in the style of a Georgian coach house in sympathy with its surroundings.

6.  Press No significant comments except that the MVDC Head of Planning has left suddenly for reason unknown.

7.  Treasurer A cheque book has at last been received from Santander so EFFRA can now settle outstanding accounts.  Current Account balance is £766, deposit £4786.

8.  Website CD reported that a trial advert is on the site, as well as a gallery of pictures. (Address: www.effinghamresidents.org).  It was agreed that approved Minutes of Committee Meetings and Agenda will in future be put on the site to promote transparency.                                     ACTION CD

9.  Howard/Berkeley Homes Planned timescale is to issue EFFRA questionnaire to Wardens by 21-7-14 to be delivered by 28-7-14.  VW/PB volunteered to help deliver in event of problems.

10. EPC Working Groups VW will issue copy of Minutes.

11.0 Any Other Business.

11.1 EVRT AGM CD reported that there were signs of a turning point in relations between the EVRT and EPFA.

11.2 GGG This is an umbrella group for several GBC villages.  It was agreed that EFFRA would join, fee £15 pa.  JN-S to action.  CD will attend their meetings.

11.3 GBC’s “About Guildford”  Newspaper  Following reports that residents living in KT23 post code areas are not receiving this paper, despite being GBC Council Taxpayers, DK to write to GBC to complain on their behalf.



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