EFFRA Secretary takes to the pen

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Mayhem and slaughter on a Paris street,

Men are stunned, women weep,

At the horror unfolding before their eyes,

The shouts, the screams, the desperate cries,

Unable to fathom the whatfors and whys

Of each killing whereby an innocent dies.


The barbaric acts of these terrorist men

Will never suppress the power of the pen.

People are gathering in the Place de Bastille

Determined to show the abhorrence they feel

And banners are waving all over Paree

In defiance declaring: “Je suis Charlie”,

While a lone violinist repeatedly plays

The stirring strains of “La Marseillaise”.


Those gallant Frenchmen will never give in,

You Islamic extremists never can win,

So learn to live in a peaceful way

In accord with the words we continually say



David J. King (Jan. 2015)

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