EFFRA Secretary’s views on designating Effingham Common as a SANG


Guildford Council have a plan

For Effingham Common to be a SANG,

(A “Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace”)

By building a new car-parking place.


So c’mon you people, come along,

Let’s hear your voices sing our song,

Show the council we are strong

In opposing this contemptible plot

To make the Common a parking lot.


If this scheme were to go ahead,

This scheme which is purely development-led,

It would allow for building on other land

In the radius enabled by the SANG.


So c’mon you people, let’s make as stand,

We don’t agree with what is planned.

Tell the Council they don’t have the right

To despoil this ancient Common site.




David J. King (Jan. 2015)

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