Elected Mayor Referendum Petition Rejected Again

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The latest petition calling for a referendum on whether Guildford should have an elected mayor has been rejected as not enough signatures could be validated

Guildford Borough Council (GBC) announced today (April 7) that the latest petition, an amalgamated petition of others from former borough councillor Monika Juneja, and submitted on March 31, has been rejected following validation, as it failed to reach the 5,012 signatures (5% of the electorate in the borough) needed.

Petition organiser Monika Juneja

Petition organiser Monika Juneja

The dates of the three previous petitions were: May 18, 2015, February 11, and March 10, 2016.

The May 2015 petition gained 3,570 valid signatures. The February 2016 amalgamated petition gained 4,831 valid signatures. The March 2016 amalgamated petition gained 4,814 valid signatures.

In a statement, GBC said: “The role of a directly elected mayor is different from the current ceremonial mayor of Guildford. A directly elected mayor would have wide ranging decision-making powers.”

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