ERRA Minutes Feb 2014


Minutes of meeting held :   10th February 2014  Venue : Parish Room

Present : C.Dick, R. Donovan, E.Hogger , D. King.     (visitor: Neil Pennington)


1. Apologies    P.Bleasby, , J. Iles, Juliet Newton-Smith, O. Odunsi, (visitors:Amanda Corr, Matt Downey)

1A  Co-options  Chris Dick was formally co-opted  to the committee (proposed: DK, seconded: EH) and invited to take the chair.

2. Minutes of meeting  held 16-1-14    Approved

3. Matters arising  None.  All to be dealt with under agenda items.

4.  E.mail and website  CD reported that he has set up an ERRA e.mail address:


DK to send trial e.mail to committee members.  Residents will be advised in next Newsletter, which may not be until AGM Notice in mid-Apr.  DK to investigate putting a notice on village notice board outside the Post Office.

CD is pursuing the formation of a website, including costs involved, and will hope to brief committee at next meeting.

5.  Planning  See appendix.

MVDC plan:  DK read out some initial comments for the ERRA response but further work is needed for DK to produce a draft reply.  DK also read out some points from BRA (Bookham Residents Association) press release; DK to let CD and EH have copy.

Howard School proposals:  EH expressed a query as to whether School/Berkeley homes would be attending EPC meeting on 25th Feb.

      Points made in discussion included the knock-on affect the project would have on

      KGV and on the rugby club use of Brown’s field, even to the extent of the club

      seeking another ground.  CD raised the question of why all the enabling development

      for the project should be in Effingham given that the majority of pupils at the school

      are not resident in Effingham.

      Post meeting:  DK has queried with EPC clerk, making the point that this meeting has

      been circulated to the whole village for EPC in ERRA Feb. Newsletter.  So far as the

      clerk knows, they will be attending but she will be confirming with them in next day

      or two.

Handsoffthegreenbelt:  There are now 7 speakers registered to speak at the GBC debate of the petition re. MVDC plan scheduled for 26th Feb. at GBC council chamber.  All are asked to encourage residents to attend to show solidarity for the petition.  Post meeting:  Via e.mails, committee has agreed that DK may speak as representing ERRA.

6.  Treasurer’s report  Current balance is  £5,555.   Year-end (28-2-14) accounts will be drawn up in early March.

7.  Other committees   None

8.  Drop-in Session  DK has arranged for ERRA to have table at the EPC Drop-in Session at KGV on 15th Feb. (10.00 to 14.00 hrs.).  DK to ask committee members to help man it. (RD is on hols.)

9.  Any other business  None.


Next meeting:  Parish Room,  14th March, 20.00 hrs.



5.1 Existing applications

13/P/01896  2, Church Street                                                                                  no dec.

—  new hard standing and re-instatement of vehicle access.  No ERRA comment.

13/P/01933  Land opposite 105, Calvert Road                                                       no dec.

—  change of use of land for a residential caravan site, to contain

2 static vans, 2 touring vans, parking for 4 vehicles, a utility block

and associated hard standing.                                        No ERRA comment.

 13/P/02058  Casa Mia, Orestan Lane                                                                  refused

—  ground floor side and 2-storey rear xtns., raising the roof to provide

 accommodation at first floor level.                               No ERRA comment.

13/P/02059  Wiltshire House, Effingham Hill                                                       appro.

—  rev. to 12/P/00088 to change external material finish from approved

permission.                                                                     No ERRA comment.

13/P/02046  70, Woodlands Road                                                                        withdrawn

—  2-storey side and rear xtn. and erection of detached garage.

                                                                                       No ERRA comment.

13/P/02147  29, Norwood Close                                                                             appro.

—  single storey rear and 2-storey side xtns. with integral garage following

demo. of existing  garage, conserv. and outblgs.           No ERRA comment.

13/P/02159  Cheyme Cottage, Manor House Lane                                                 no dec.

—  Cert. of  Lawfulness for single storey rear xtn.        No ERRA comment.

13/P/02201  Effingham Place                                                                                 no dec.

—  installation of new access gates and pedestrian access to Effingham place.

                                                                                       No ERRA comment.

13/P/02202  Amathus, Heathway                                                                           no dec.

—  single storey rear xtn. together with front porch.    No ERRA comment.

14/P/00011  Grand View, Salmons Road                                                               no dec.

—  removal of condition 6 of 04/P/02391 to allow windows or similar

openings to be constructed in the roof.                         No ERRA comment.

14/P/00015  Hillrise, Orestan Lane                                                                         no dec.

—  single storey front and rear infill xtns.                   No ERRA comment.

14/P/00035  Queensleigh, Salmons Road                                                               no dec.

—  raising part of roof ridge, changes to fenestration and porch

and addition of Juliet balcony.                                    No ERRA comment.

5.2  new applications

14/P/00067  Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Lower Road

—  change of use of agricultural land to burial ground. (land given by

Eff. Lodge Farm).                                                         No ERRA comment.

14/P/00185  St. Theresa’s School

—  formation of an equestrian centre comprising a timber, 7-bay American

barn, a menage (sand school), hard standing  and horsebox turning area, a

timber field barn, perimeter fencing and a new access drive.

RD/DK to review plans and e.mail a view to committee.

14/P/00186  St. Theresa’s School

—  single storey special needs blg. containing 2 classrooms.

14/P/00187  St. Theresa’s School

—  alteration to existing traffic system within school boundaries including

creation of designated student drop-off areas and additional parking spaces.

Alterations to the existing netball court into a double court with 2x single


Post meeting note re. 185, 186, 187 above:  DK has viewed the plans on the GBC website and takes the view that ERRA would not have grounds to object.  The major appln., 185, is contained well within the grounds and would not be visible from Critten Lane or High Barn.  There is no proposal for an additional road access to the premises.

DK personal view is that there are plenty of opportunities locally for horse riding, eg Wyvenhoe, and that this seems  a waste of money and over development of the school premises but those are not grounds for objection.  DK recommend:  No ERRA comment.

14/P/00221  11, Manor Gardens

—  2-storey side xtn., including demo. of existing detached garage.

In absence of plans on website, RD/DK to review and make recommendation.

(post meeting:  RD reports that this is not objectionable being similar to xtns.

on other houses in the road.)                                         No ERRA comment.


   D. J. King  (14-2-14)

Circ: PB, D & A Corr, CD, RD, EH, JI, DK, JN-S, (guests: NP, Matt Downey)

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