Farmers on standby as Surrey gets set for snow

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Grit mountains: Ready for inclement weather

Grit mountains: Ready for inclement weather


First published 12:31 Wednesday 5 November 2014 

Surrey Comet: Photograph of the Authorby Ellie Cambridge, Reporter

Route specific forecasts that focus on which roads will be coldest and need advance salting are to be introduced.

This will give Surrey drivers better protection from ice and snow this winter.

The county council has stockpiled 16,000 tonnes of salt to treat roads across the county, and filled 1,787 grit bins.

John Furey, Surrey County Council cabinet member for highways, said: “We’re ready to keep Surrey moving when winter hits, and this year we’re even better prepared thanks to our new route-specific forecasts and even more accurate salt spreaders.

“We prepare months in advance for winter so people can access vital services and we have 16,000 tonnes of salt, 39 gritters and 51 farmers on standby.”

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