Final decision due on plans to build over 2,000 homes on Wisley Airfield

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Plans to build more than two thousand homes on the site of Wisley Airfield are looking likely to be rejected tonight

Wisley Airfield

A council meeting is taking place this evening to make a final decision.

Documents show planning officers believe they not able to support the application for at this time.

It is thought the development of 2,068 homes, would “seriously harm the openness of the Green Belt.”

It comes as a major blow for those behind the plans but will be welcomed by opposition groups.


It has been recommended that the plans are rejected for a number of reasons.

In the agenda for today’s meeting, the fact the proposed housing would be built on Greenbelt land is highlighted as a major issue: “The development constitutes inappropriate development that would be harmful by definition and would seriously harm the openness of the Green Belt.”

Wisley Plans

“The development should not be approved unless there are very special circumstances which clearly outweigh this harm.”

Councillors also say that it hasn’t been demonstrated that the development proposed would not give rise to a severe adverse impact on the safe and efficient operation of the strategic road network (A3/M25).

It goes on to say: “In conclusion, officers are not able to support the application at this time and accordingly it is recommended that planning permission be refused.”

Editor’s Comment

With the latest iteration of the Local Plan now out there is a policy, yet to be passed by Guildford Borough Council, that might opt for development at Wisley. This is a hugely controversial site close to the A3 and Wisley & Ockham Common that has raised concerns about air pollution, infrastructure problems including traffic congestion, overcrowded railways, water supply and sewage as well as the impact on wildlife, local protected areas and perhaps more importantly air traffic safety.

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