“Green Belt under the propection of Sir Paul Beresford”


Sir Paul, take note – here is one example from the above thread 

Roland M 

If you want Sir Paul’s latest words on the Howard, just look at his statement on the Effingham Residents Association website


You will find that he believes that residents of the Horsleys and Bookham are in favour of the Howard/Berkeley Homes application. Although this may be true, there are other residents on Bookham and the Horsleys who are against, some of whom took the trouble to write to the council and object to the planning application. Community organisations also posted objections – from Bookham Vanguard and East Horsley Parish Council.  Sir Paul should not be speaking only for those in favour – he has no idea of what the majority opinion is: but from the number of objections and community organisations it would seem more are against than for.

This is probably similar to the position adopted by Sir Paul over Cherkley – say not much publicly whilst working behind the scenes to help make it happen, then use anything that may be of use, such as the Howard’s disgraceful SurveyMonkey survey (remember the Cherkley one folks) and then say it is in the public interest, has local support and so meets special circumstances. Of course this will happen after the election.

So anyone who wants the destruction shown in the photos from Alex S and Fulvius to continue, vote for Sir Paul. Anyone who does not want to see this repeated should not abstain, but should vote tactically against him, for the candidate who has the greatest chance of causing an upset.

I’m with: Hands Off the Green Belt Effingham and Bookham Together

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