Guildford Borough Council backs proposals to give councils more powers when building new homes

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Proposals have been laid out by South East England Councils in response to the Government’s Planning Policy consultation

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6:03am 11th March 2016

Local Government Association figures show planning permission was granted for 66,751 new homes in the South East in 2014/15 that were never built.

The SEEC believes councils need discretionary powers to get this backlog moving.

It has outlined three key areas where it believes changes to current policy would help councils deliver new homes:

  • Giving councils powers to incentivise developers to build approved new homes quickly,

  • Allowing councils to decide the best mix of affordable homes to buy and rent for their areas,

  • Enabling councils to set housing developer contributions for infrastructure to reflect local needs,

Cllr Paul Spooner, Leader of Guildford Borough Council and Lead Councillor for Planning and Regeneration, said: “We welcome the proposals from SEEC that would devolve powers to local authorities for house building.

“Our borough has a real need for housing, especially affordable sites that allow those on lower paid roles to be able to buy a home.

“The proposals would also speed up housebuilding as we would be able to chase developers to deliver housing that they already have permission for to help meet the need we have locally.”

Cllr Nicolas Heslop, SEEC Chairman, added: “Councils are already working in partnership with developers and other organisations to progress local plans and provide new housing but delivery is still falling short of what is agreed.

“What we’re asking for is a range of powers that will enable councils, working with our local partners to respond to local circumstances and deliver homes.

“This includes powers to incentivise builders to deliver, and to free up funding for new affordable rented homes.”

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