Guildford Borough Council have not seen the lever arch file

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Where Is the Evidence of Threats Against Cllr Mansbridge?


From Michael Bruton

Well said Mr Roberts. If a wash, probably more a ‘blue wash’ by the Tories. Dr Hooper seems to be keeping a very low profile about his involvement – I wonder why he has not defended his actions?

I too have been told by Guildford Borough Council (GBC) that they have not seen the lever arch file which Cllr Mansbridge referred to, reportedly under oath, at the Juneja trial.

A reply I received from from Mr Ardilio, an “Information Rights Officer” at GBC, following a freedom of information request, was one of their masterly pieces of obfuscation. He wrote, “I contacted Councillor Mansbridge to ask whether he held such information in relation to his work for the council and he confirmed that he did not.”

So does Cllr Mansbridge hold such a file in some other capacity? He has certainly referred to its alleged contents as a councillor. Why not publish it for all to read? We are all agog.

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