Guildford makes history with new animal cancer hospital 

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History is being made in Guildford as Europe’s first every animal cancer hospital opens today (Wednesday 2 September)

Fitzpatrick Referrals say they want to change the way cancer is treated in animals and raise the standard of cancer treatment and care.

Cancer is currently the second biggest killer of pets, half of dogs and a third of cats over 10 years old will die of cancer.

The state of the art building is in the heart of the town at the Surrey Research Park.

We took a look around the new centre. Click here for videos

Set with four operating theatres, a chemotherapy suite and a state of the art CT machine, the 20,000 square foot building will welcome its first patients this Thursday.

Noel Fitzpatrick, Founder, Owner and Chairman of Fitzpatrick Referrals, MD of Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue says:

“Whilst this building will impress and contain the latest equipment, it is the team of people inside that makes it truly outstanding.

“We will create the first animal hospital in Europe to bring together world class medical oncologists, specially trained surgical and radiation oncologists and the best nursing teams in order to gain a better understanding of animal cancer and to use that knowledge to deliver the very best treatment to animals.

“We aim to deliver all of the options to all of the animals all of the time. We will also work with our human colleagues to better inform the treatment of human cancer; after all a cancer cell doesn’t care if you are an animal or human, over 90% of the cancers are the same and we share many of the same diseases.”

The group has already helped animals with cancer though at their branch in Godalming.

One of these patients is Bonnie

Fitzpatrick Referral

Bonnie’s owner is Sue Lavel

“We came to see Noel and he said he said that he could help and give her a prosthetic leg.

“It was absolutely the best ever decision to make, the staff, Noel, everyone’s been amazing.”

Professor Stuart Carmichael is managing director of the hospital:

“We are going to work hard to bring other veterinary practitioners and students on the journey with us, to change the delivery of veterinary cancer care forever and by working on improving early diagnosis and detection and by offering training and education we’ll bring veterinary oncology into the 21st century for all animals and their families”

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