Guildford MP Welcomes More Time To Consider Local Plan

The Guildford Dragon reported on 2/10/14

Anne Milton MP

With the public consultation period now closed, Anne Milton MP says she welcomes more time to consider the Local Plan.

The borough-wide consultation on the Draft Local Plan, which outlines sites for the building of 652 homes each year until 2031, closed last week. The consultation had been open for 12 weeks to give residents the opportunity to respond.

Ms Milton said this evening (October 2): “I am grateful to all my constituents who have taken the time to respond to the Draft Local Plan Consultation.

“I have heard the views of hundreds of my constituents, from residents’ associations, parish councils and campaign groups. I have listened to my constituents concerns and I know that what they now want is Guildford Borough Council [GBC] to listen to their views.

“I am delighted that GBC have extended the timetable for the local plan. This is the blueprint for the next 20 years. Where people have raised objections, questioned the evidence base, questioned assumptions – what’s critical is that we have a proper conversation about these issues.

“If we need more houses, there has to be a discussion of why we need them. In my view, what is missing from the Local Plan is a clear vision. What do we want Guildford to look like and feel like in 20 years’ time?”

A revised timetable for the Local Plan has yet to be published by GBC. Observers on various sides of the debate have speculated that the plan’s schedule will be influenced by the elections, a general election and a borough council election, to be held next May.