Guildford nearer referendum on whether to have a directly elected mayor.

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Guildford could hold referendum on elected Mayor – as petition is handed in

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3:27pm 29th May 2015
(Updated 3:56pm 29th May 2015)

A petition calling for the move has apparently gained enough support to trigger a public vote.

If the rules changed so the borough had an elected mayor, he or she would have wide ranging powers.

The signatures on the petition are being verified, with a referendum having to be held within six months.

In a statement, Guildford Borough Council said: “The petition needs to meet the necessary legal requirements before a referendum is triggered.

“We are currently validating each entry to make sure that all of the petitioners are on the electoral register.

“A valid petition needs at least five per cent of local electors, which is 5,012.”

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